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This is the page that you can visit to keep updated on the children's learning. Make sure you come back each week to see the learning opportunities that the children have been taking part in.

14th January 2022

 What a busy start to the new term!  Year 6 have thrown themselves into their new topic of Ancient Greece - they have been researching Greece geographically, writing poetry inspired by Pandora's Box and mythical beasts and, as artists, creating line patterns based on Greek designs. We have also started our new text for the Spring Term; Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - which the children seem to be thoroughly enjoying.

In maths, we have been working on our arithmetic and continuing our work on fractions.  Our new science topic is Light and Shadows and we have been investigating what light is and how it travels.

Importantly, we have been researching more about how our brains work and discussing how we can ensure we are using a Growth Mindset.  The children have been brilliant with this in class and now we need to ensure they are applying all they know and are prepared to grapple with the challenges they are presented with.  

The photos show the children working on their Greek patterns and our developing new topic display - where they have 'published' and displayed their poetry and created themselves as Ancient Greeks.

26th November 2021

 It's crazy to think that this is the last week of November and our next blog will be December.... how time flies!  Looking back at the past couple of weeks, we have had a great mix of learning and we have enjoyed looking at all the photographs.  Year 6 were delighted to be asked to perform 'Flanders Fields' in the school Remembrance Assembly.  This is a poem we have been studying in our topic due to its significance with World War 1.  The children performed with maturity and solemnity.  The audience of pupils and teachers were silenced by the emotion of the recital. Well done to all.  During the performance, Year 6 proudly wore their poppies which they had sewn themselves the day before.

In Science, we have continued our work on the circulatory system and have been investigating how exercise might affect out heart rate.  The children have been writing their hypotheses and noting their questions ...... ''I wonder if.......?'.  In the photos you will see the children measuring their pulse rates.

It was Children in Need last week and we all dressed up as out favourite film characters - thank you to all the parents for their support.

In maths we have been working on fractions - you can see us all solving problems in the slide show.

Today we took on a throwing and catching challenge which is county wide.  We had to throw the tennis ball with one hand and catch with the other and see how many catches we could make in a minute.  


5th November 2021

This week in year 6, some of us took part in Bikeability so that we can be safe whilst riding on the road.  It was fun and a great skill to learn.  We have all learned about keeping alert and being aware of our surroundings.  We learned how to do primary and secondary position - this helps us so that if someone is opening a car door, we can avoid collision.

In computing, we learned some coding.  We created a game called Splatty Bug where we had to include a timer and a counter to keep score of our points.

In maths, we used BIDMAS to apply the correct order of operations in calculations.  

We wrote a diary entry as a piece of sports equipment.  We used creativity and imagination to give hints about which piece of sports equipment we were.  Marko earned Head Teacher's award for his excellent piece about a bicycle.  Very fitting for a week of Bikeability.



1st October 2021

 Another busy week in Year 6.  We have continued our learning about the Circulatory System in Science.  We acted as blood cells and 'ran' around the body as a red blood cell travelling to the lungs to oxygenate and distributing the oxygen around the body with the help of our heart pumping us around.  We also 'made' blood and looked at it's four main components (plasma; red and white blood cells and platelets) and their functions. Do ask your children if they can tell you about it.

In French we have been revising 'greetings' and learning about parts of the body.  To help us remember, we have been singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French.

We are continuing our reading of War Horse and writing about Flashbacks as well as developing our grammar and spelling.

17th September 2021

This week was our second full week and we have been working really hard!  We started the week keeping ourselves fit and healthy by playing cricket.  We were practising batting and catching but also taxed our brains by keeping a score of all our points.

In Maths, we looked at negative numbers in context by researching temperatures around the world at different times of the year and making comparisons.

In history, we have been learning about life in 1914 (when WW1 started.)  We also looked at the short and long term triggers for WW1.  Please ask your children what they were!

Continuing our theme of WW1, in English we have been looking at War Poetry and composing our own poems of the Battlefield.

Another highlight of the week was that we had our first swimming lesson in year 6!

Have a wonderful weekend - ready for another busy week next week!

10th September 2021

Welcome to the new Year 6 Class Blog! We do hope you visit our blog every week to catch up with what we’ve been doing in Kite Class.

In English this week we have been writing Odes to appreciate objects we couldn’t live without such as toilet roll, carrot cake and toothbrushes!!  We have studied examples of odes and followed the features to write our own!  Have a look at Luke's Ode to A Toothpick in the pictures.

As an introduction to year 6 we have taken measurements of our height, handspan, foot length and head circumference.  We will do this again at the end of the year to see how much we have grown.

In the pictures you will see a gallery of our self -portraits which we have painted in the style of ‘Pop Art.’  Do you recognise any of us?