School Operating Times

The school day operates between 8.45am and 3.15pm (32 1/2 hours per week).

AM: GATES OPEN: 8.45am and CLOSE: 9.00am

PM: GATES OPEN: 3.00pm and CLOSE: 3.25pm

Staggered times have been provided to ease congestion on the road and entrances to the school and are detailed in the table below:

 Year Group - Class  Drop Off Time  Collection Time
 Reception - Hedgehog  8.45am  3.05pm
 Year 1 - Bee  8.55am  3.05pm
 Year 2 - Dormouse  8.55am  3.05pm
 Year 3 - Wildcat  8.50am  3.10pm
 Year 4 - Butterfly  8.50am  3.10pm
 Year 5H - Owl  8.45am  3.15pm
 Year 5S - Puffin  8.45am  3.15pm
 Year 6 - Kite  8.45am  3.15pm


Term Dates

 RP Term Dates 2024-2025.pdfDownload
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