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This is the page that you can visit to keep updated on the children's learning. Make sure you come back each week to see the learning opportunities that the children have been taking part in.


It is so nice to have the children back this week. We had great fun writing dilemma stories which mainly consisted on forgetting toilet roll before setting sail :) but a great week all round! A big well done to Lacey who wrote a fantastic story which was read to the whole class in assembly this morning.  We are really enjoying tag rugby which will continue on Fridays but there will be no more cricket on Mondays which means normal school uniform from now on. I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of big bangs and sparkling fireworks! Stay safe! 



Another fantastic week of learning. We have been focusing on sentence structure again in English. This time, we have been adding fragments to sentences, creating fronted adverbials. In Maths we have done lots of rounding, work on Roman Numerals and we have looked at negative numbers today. You will see our game of tug of war, using negative numbers, in the photos below. 


Our Head teachers award goes to Jamie, as he worked so hard on his Roman Numerals in Maths! A massive well done Jamie! 


In Maths we have been learning to round to 10, 100s and 1000s. This can be really tricky but we are positive and ready to learn and make progress. We have started a new unit in English, The Present. We have been focusing on making simple sentences and as the week has gone on, these have become more complex. Frangments and sentences can be used in mny different ways. on Thursday and Friday we used them to make fronted adverbial sentences. 

We also introduced Times Tables Rockstars!!! This is awsome!!!! We love it and have so much fun! There is some information in our homeowrk packs if needed. 

Well done Paisley for being our winner of the head teachers award this week. She has shown true determination and we are very proud of her. 


Our first full week and what a week! The children have started to settle back in to school life and are already achieving great things! They have written some wonderful Wildcat poems that are going up on display. To do these poems, we focused on a lovely book called, The Lost Words. The book if full of poems written around the natural world and words that have been removed from the Children's Oxford dictionary as they are no longer used, such as otter, acorn, hare and bluebell. The children have also been working very hard on their OTTER time and guided reading. 

A huge congratulations to Hattie and Jacob for becoming the school council members in year 4. Another big well done to Hattie for being our first Head Teachers award winner for this year! 

What a fun few days in Year 4! We have been getting to know each other, whilst also learning about what we are going to do this year. The children have enjoyed art (stone age cave painting), creating their own book marks and designing their helping hands. We have spoken about Kelso's choices, our class expectations and have also got to know our two, new, wonderful classmates. We are really really really excited for the term ahead!