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This is the page that you can visit to keep updated on the children's learning. Make sure you come back each week to see the learning opportunities that the children have been taking part in.

wb. 17.1.22

In ICT this week we collected data and displayed it on a pictogram.

We measured our hyacinths again and found they were growing fast.

wb. 10.1.22

This week we have been learning to create a graph on a spreadsheet.

We also brought in our favourite books and shared them with our friends.

Finally we looked at our hyacinths to see how they had changed. They are starting to shoot up.

wb. 4.1.22

This week brought our hyacinths in from outside and looked at them to see what had happened.

wb. 13.12.21

This week we made our Christmas cards.

On Wednesday we had our Christmas jumper day.

We also learnt how to add numbers on a spreadsheet.

wb. 6.12.21

This week we followed our instructions and made maracas.

wb. 29.11.21

Rev Colin came in to talk to the children about advent and Christingles. All the children made their own Christingle.

In PE we learnt how to dribble and kick a ball.

wb. 22.11.21

In computing this week we learnt how to add values to cells and then add the cells using a counting tool.

In science we tested materials to see which would make the best coat for a gingerbread man.

Finally we followed our instructions and made Mexican hats.

wb. 15.11.21

In computing this week we have been learning about spreadsheets and have learnt how to colour cells, insert images and move the images.

On Friday it was children in need day so we all came to school dressed as film characters.

wb. 8.11.21

This week we completed our portraits.

In PE we developed our rolling skills.

wb. 1.11.21

This week we planted hyacinths, then we covered them and put them outside. We will look at them again in January.

wb. 18.11.21

In art we have been learning how to create abstract portraits.

wb. 11.10.21

We learned some football skills in our PE lesson.

wb. 27.9.21

Year 2 had a great time when they visited the church.