WB: 29th June 2020

Sports Day

Another wonderful week back at school. This week we have completed our sports day activities. We had to race the stopwatch and move as fast as we could. We enjoyed cheering our friends along as they completed the activities.  In Science, we tested different materials in the water to see if they would float or sink. We had fun exploring in the water trays.

WB: 22nd June 2020

We are back!

What a great first week back we have had!

We have started to focus on the story ‘The Colour monster’ by Anna Llenas. This has helped us to discuss the different emotions we are feeling at the moment. We made finger puppets, painted the colour monster and created our own monsters. In Science, we have investigated materials sorting them into groups of transparent, translucent and opaque. We enjoyed lots of the sunshine by playing outside. It was lovely to play with different things and talk to our friends.

We can’t wait for next week!

WB: 2nd December 2019

Jingle Bells

In Computing, this week the children worked with Mrs Renton creating a musical sequence. "These sound like the Christmas bells."

The children had to give the computer instructions so it would follow the sequence. 

WB: 25th November 2019

Colchester Zoo!

What an amazing trip! We were lucky enough to meet an Elf. He needed some help as he had lost the magic dust to make the reindeer fly. We explained to him that this was not the best idea. He introduced us to some of the penguins at the zoo. Then Father Christmas came for a visit. We were each given a gift to help make the sleigh lighter so it could fly. Some of us were lucky enough to feed the giraffes too. It was so exciting but very tiring too, a few of us fell asleep the whole way home. 

Wb: 21st October 2019

What an adventure!

Thursday morning, we had a delightfully spooky time at forest school. Miss Cook read us “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson. Then we created our very own spells using the resources around us. One of the spells read “Small log, little stick, large feather and eight leaves, stir altogether, make some smoke, it goes bang! And makes a broomstick.” And wow these potions worked a treat, the broomsticks were amazing.

This term we have been learning all about Kenya. In science we have been looking at the different types of animals that live in Kenya, labelling their body parts as well as classifying them. We enjoyed sorting the animals into groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. In Geography we have been using directional language to find the different animals on the safari maps, exploring the different landscapes in Kenya as well as comparing it to the UK. To finish the topic in style on Thursday we took ‘Ennis Airlines’ to Kenya. We landed in the capital city, Nairobi, we saw many building and lots of people rushing around. Then we got a coach to the safari camp. We used our binoculars to see animals far away, the elephants were drinking from the watering hole and the giraffes were nibbling at the tallest trees. On our travels we met the Maasai tribe who taught us all how to make our own necklace and we joined in with a tribal dance.  Unfortunately, we quickly had to board Ennis Airlines to make sure we returned to school in time for pick up. It was close but we made it.


What a busy half term!


Wb: 14th October 2019

Sensational Safari

This week we have been using our geography skills to add the animals to a safari map. We have been using directional language such as “The cheetah is two spaces north of the lion” to help us find the animal’s favourite spots.  On Thursday afternoon we each became an animal we had to listen carefully to make sure we were in the correct place on our messy map. We use items from around the classroom to make our giant messy map of a Kenya Safari park. The cushions were the watering hole and the blocks were the camp site. We worked hard to find appropriate resources to represent different places.


Wb: 7th October 2019

Practise makes perfect!

This week have been practising playing our instruments in time with the music. We have enjoyed learning the song “Hey you!” in music. We have found playing the glockenspiel at the same time a little more challenging, however we have continued to practise and now we sound amazing! In dance, we have also been practising our African dancing. We have been making sure we are showing strong arms in our movements and keeping in time with the music.


WB: 30/09/19    

 Akeyo's Surprise

This week in Ennis class we have been using the part part whole model in maths to support our understanding of addition. At the start of the week we all found it quite tricky but as a class we persevered and now we are using the model confidently.  In Literacy we have started to think about innovating the story of Handa's surprise. We have picked the new fruits to go into our story and we can't wait to complete the story next week. 

WB:  23/09/19     

Alligator, Alligator!

This week we have learnt about a very hungry alligator in maths. We said the rhyme 'Alligator, Alligator which will you eat? The bigger one the greater one it will be sweet.' The alligator then showed us which number was greater than the other using the symbols >, < and =. We then worked carefully to use these symbols in our own maths.