Curriculum and extra-curricular activities

Our curriculum is based on our belief that children learn best when the teaching and learning activities enthuse, engage and motivate them to learn and foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.


At Roseacres Primary School, we will offer an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum that builds on the requirements of the National Curriculum. It is designed to equip every pupil with strong skills in maths, reading and writing. We know the National Curriculum is an important part of the education of every child but we also want to ensure that we enhance the school day to provide exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills as part of the wider academy curriculum.


There is a real focus on teaching and developing the basics including reading, writing and maths skills, which are taught daily. There is also an opportunity for children to learn through a range of practical and fun activities.  Lessons may be taught directly, as a subject, through a topic/themed approach or a blend, dependent upon the pupils’ needs and learning focus, using a range of strategies and techniques to inspire and motivate the children.


We aim to offer children the opportunity to participate in a range of activities designed to expand and broaden their life experiences. All children will be able to take part in school trips to places of educational interest, to complement and enrich their curriculum topics.

As the school establishes, children will be able to enjoy a range of extra curricular clubs and extended learning opportunities to enrich their learning experience.