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Week Beginning 17/01/22

Maya- In PSHE, we created posters to show our ground rules for the subject including respect and be kind to others and yourself. These rules are important to make us feel comfortable and safe in PSHE. 

Finley O- In Maths, we divided 4 digits by 1 digit using the bus stop method. 

Kacey- Interestingly, in English we wrote a haiku poem. These have to include 17 syllables (5-7-5), 3 lines and they have to be about nature. My poem was about a lily pad. See photos below. 

Congratulations Amir for achieving the head teacher's award for his fantastic haiku poem!


Cooking club this week:

Week Beginning 10/1/22

Emma P- 4 lucky people went swimming with the Year 4s on Thursday. We practiced our front crawl and one person did the dolphin. It was fun and some of us got to do back stroke. 

Daisy- In English, we were writing a letter which was based on Stanley Yelnats telling the truth to his parents. The letter was informal so it included chatty writing. 

Ibby- In Maths, we learnt how to multiply 3 digits by 2 digits which was challenging and used student- teacher to help us. This is where some of us are the teacher and we teach our partner (the student). 

Finley R- In Dance, we learnt a new move called 'jump, jump, split'. We also learnt a new routine. 

Mason- In History, we started learning about the Anglo Saxons. We used drama to represent what happened in the timeline. 

Ellie achieved the head teacher's award this week for her fantastic shading technique in Art- well done Ellie!

First Week of 2022!

Harrison- In PE, we were doing street dance. We learnt two new movements (the corkscrew and helicopter). We also learnt a routine for two energetic songs. It was fun! 

Well done to those who got a certificate in dance- Finley O, Brandon, Luca, Aurelia Rosie 

Trent- in Guided Reading, we predicted what would happen next in Holes. My prediction was incorrect and what happened was unexpected. 

Amir- We have learnt Maths, English and Guided reading.

Mason- In Maths, we multiplied 2 digits by 2 digits and used an activity called student-teacher to help us. It took a lot of time and effort. 

Congratulations to Asia for achieving the head teacher's award this week! Asia was excellent at predicting in guided reading.

Week Beginning 6.12.21

Cooking Fajitas


Geography Field Work

We walked around Takeley to research the number of physical and human and physical features in our local area. Some human features we saw included traffic lights, buildings and shops and some physical features we saw included trees and a pond. There were more human features than physical features overall.

Congratulations Harrison for achieving the Head Teacher's Award this week! You put effort into all subjects and your writing in particular is outstanding! Well done. 

Week Beginning 29/11/21

 Congratulations to Daisy for achieving the head teacher's award this week! Daisy created an excellent museum exhibition about metamorphosis.

Kelso's Choice Assembly

On Tuesday, the whole class organised and conducted an assembly for the rest of the school. They split into groups and were each given a different Kelso's Choice to present in assembly. The groups could choose whether they shared their information through drama, power point or a poster (some even wrote a script!). A big well done to all of them for their confidence and performance. 

Museum Exhibition

In Science, the class created a museum exhibition! It linked to their topic- Living things and their Habitats. They learnt about metamorphosis and researched an animal of their choice, for example, butterfly, newt or frog. They then decided how they would like to present their information by either making clay models, a poster or performing through drama. The class then hosted a museum where children visited each exhibit to learn about the life cycle of their chosen animal. The children did a fabulous job and were really engaged in this activity.

Athletics Competition- 26.11.21

Year 5 have been training very hard over the last few weeks and today, they spent an exciting afternoon at an athletics competition- they were absolutely fantastic! Although a little nervous, all children took part and did their best so I am bubbling with pride :)


Well done to Finley O for achieving the headteacher's award this week! He achieved it for being incredibly courteous (our word of the week) and for showing fantastic sportsmanship. 

Week Beginning 15/11/21

 Maya- In Science, we are focusing on living things. This week we learnt about asexual reproduction in plants. This is when there is one parent and we conducted observation over time using a spider plant. 

Asia- We were practicing athletics in PE to go to to a competition next week where we will try to win. The activities included speed bounce, triple jump, javelin and long jump. I will be taking part in the javelin, speed bounce and relay.

Well done to Billie for achieving the headteacher's award this week. You have really challenged yourself across all subjects but especially in maths. Fantastic!

Week Beginning 8/11/21

Some children in the class took part in Bikeability and learnt all about how to cycle safely on the roads. In class, we had an exciting science lesson where we dissected flowers to identify their parts. The children were fantastic at spotting the different features including stamen and pollen. 

Well done to Aurelia for achieving the head teacher's award this week! You have worked incredibly hard in all subjects and approach learning with an excellent attitude. 

02/11/21- Roots to Food

Year 5 had an exciting morning where they prepared and cooked their very own meal- chicken teriyaki! The children used many skills including whisking, steaming and chopping with the claw and bridge method. Then the best bit- they got to EAT IT! All the children loved the dish and are keen not only to make it at home but also for it to be added to the school lunch menu. 

Congratulations to Mason for achieving the head teacher's award this week! He completed some fabulous descriptive writing which achieved him the award.

Cooking Club!

Week beginning- 18.10.21

Ridley- This week in science, we investigated water resistance. We designed and made streamlined shapes for dropping in the water and measuring how long it took to reach the bottom. Our quickest streamlined shape drop was 0.21 seconds and the quickest non-streamlined drop was 1.24 seconds. Streamlined means a shape with a pointy nose and curved smooth body.

Brandon- In RE, we learnt about Guru Nanak and how he went into a river and found God. 

Emma- In Maths, we estimated and approximated.

Freddie- In guided reading, we were reading a book about Marli the puffin. People let go of lots of balloons which polluted the ocean and Marli thought they were fish and ended up getting tangled in them. Eventually, she washed ashore on the beach and was saved by beach cleaners and taken to a rescue shelter. This led to a philosophical discussion- will the people regret letting go of the balloons?

Well done Jude for achieving the head teacher's award your fantastic contribution and thoughtful comments during RE!

Week beginning 11.10.21

Kacey- In English we planned a poem inspired by The Magic Box by Kit Wright. Then we wrote it up neatly for display. My poem was called 'The Magic Parcel'.

Aurelia- In Art, we made our Roman Sun designs on white fabric using fabric crayons for the outline and fabric dye for the background wash. I liked that mine had vibrant colours and the tie-dye look (below are some photos of our art work).

Ibby- In Maths, we worked out subtraction and addition word problems using the column method.


Well done to Kacey for achieving the head teacher's award this week for her fantastic Roman Sun design!


Harrison- this morning in celebration assembly, we performed the poem- The Magic Box. We created our own actions previously and practiced throughout the week. Mrs Barron was so impressed when she saw us in class that she asked us to perform it to the whole school and gave us a class compliment. The teachers said that it was great and Mrs Hodges said that we had great expression and loud, clear voices.

Head Teacher's Award

Emma P - you have a fantastic imagination and I was impressed with your ideas for your free-verse poem e.g. the rainbow smiled down to the ground.

Week Beginning 27/9/21

Gracie- in English, we have written our non-chronological reports up in best about puffins. The subheading I used were diet, appearance and habitat. Have a look below at some examples of our writing.

Finley O- In History, we did a Roman army drill and also hot seated as a Roman soldier. We are also writing a Roman diary. I learnt that different ranks in the army would have different armour. There were 5,000 soldiers in a legion and 20 legions made up an army so that's around 100,000 soldiers overall!

Elsa- In Maths, we have been doing some more rounding using a numberline. We have also learnt about negative numbers and played 'negative number tug of war'. 

Alfie- We investigated air resistance in science. We made paper fall to the ground faster (I scrunched it into a ball). designed an experiment using a spinner. My question was 'will it fall quicker with more weight?' and it did.

Head Teacher's Award

Well done Elsa for your fantastic leadership and teamwork during cricket this week!


Week Beginning 20/09/21

Daisy- In English, we have been writing a non-chronological report about puffins (what our class is named after). Interestingly, their beak changes colour during the year.

Trent- In History/Guided Reading, we learnt how to use a contents page to find information in Roman text books.

Billie- This week in Maths, we learnt to count in powers of 10. For example, 862, 962, 1,062.

Jude- In Art, we learnt how to use a compass which was tricky for some. We then created a flower design. 

Head Teacher's Award

Congratulations Luca for your excellent non-chronological report! You used brilliant sentence starters and fantastic presentation throughout. 

Week Beginning 13/09/21

What a fantastic week of learning in year 5. The children are going to tell you all about it..

Maya- In English, we have been researching for our non-chronological report about puffins. Did you know that puffins can flap their wings 400 times per minute?

Freddie- In History, we looked at Roman artefacts and tried them on. The helmet was very heavy. We made some assumptions- they were traders, fighters and good craftsmen. 

Emma P- In Maths, we have been doing rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000. We used numberlines and a song to help us- We Will Round You (to the tune of We Will Rock You). 

Mason- We used force meters in science to find the weight of objects. We learnt the difference between mass and weight too- mass is the matter inside you and weight gravitational pull. Our mass would be the same on the moon but we would have a different weight.


Head teachers award: Honor. Honor gave a fantastic explanation for which force meter is needed for heavier and lighter items to the class.


The First Couple of Weeks in Year 5!

What a fantastic start we have had to the year. The children have come back to school ready to learn and with excellent attitudes to their work. We have learnt all about growth mindset as well as some team-building games. In Maths, the class have been using a variety of concrete equipment including base 10 and place value charts. In science, the class had their first lesson on science which included a circuit of activities. The children learnt some new vocabulary too including the word- buoyancy. 


Head Teacher's Award: Sam Well done Sam for your fantastic reading for meaning and for making links between the text and your own experiences!