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Week Beginning 2/3/20

This week in History, Year 5 started learning about the Vikings (after previously learning about the Anglo Saxons). They all decided on their own Viking names including Thor, Helga and Olga. They then created Viking passports noting why they came to the UK and what other countries they'd visited. In PE, had their second lesson of tennis with a qualified sports coach. They played tennis in pairs and learnt about the structure of a tennis game.

If children have musical instruments which they know how to play at home, please encourage them to bring them in on a Tuesday for our music lesson. This week, some children played the flute and guitar whilst the rest of the class played the recorder and glockenspiel. We created an ensemble and Miss Bruce was very impressed! 

Week Beginning 13/01/20

We have had a great start to 2020 in Year 5. On Monday, the class completed fieldwork on a walk around Takeley. They used their own methods to identify human and physical features around the village. Once they returned to school, they made their own presentation comparing Takeley to New York. During Maths, where the class really challenged themselves, they learnt to multiply 2 digit numbers using different methods. We will continue to work on this next week. On Wednesday, the class had their firsts swimming session of the year. Archie mentioned that they 'practised different strokes'. In science this week, the class designed their own fair test to investigate which materials acted as the best insulators. 


Week Beginning 9/12/19

Another exciting week in Simmonds class! They worked extremely hard for their performance in the carol concert including acting out the songs and evaluating their performances by watching themselves back on videos. They performed brilliantly with smiles on their faces so well done! On Thursday, we visited Aerozone, Riley said it was 'fascinating'. The children heard from industry professionals and rotated around workshops in the afternoon. We also went to a lookout and watched planes take off and land (see more photos in the gallery). In Maths this week, the class built on their knowledge of multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1,000 and were able to solve challenging problems. In French, they wrote a description about themselves using the new phrases and vocabulary they had learnt.

Week Beginning 2/12/19

Simmonds class are still enjoying reading Holes in English. This week, we wrote letters from Stanley to his mum telling the truth about Camp Green Lake (see some letters below). In science, the class have continued to monitor their cuttings from a spider plant and they learnt about the life cycle of different animals. We also recapped the parts of a plant. The class have also been working hard on practising their songs for the carol concert next week. 

Week Beginning 25/11/19

This week in Simmonds class, the children have begun learning about multiplication. They have been able to identify multiples, factors and common factors using mastery methods: concrete, pictorial and abstract. In English, they have continued to read the book 'Holes' where they have used many reading skills during guided reading. They used clues from the text to write a setting description- one child wrote the beautiful phrase- 'where two enormous trees loom'. In science, the class used the scientific enquiry of observing over time. The children learnt about asexual reproduction in plants and set up an experiment using cuttings from a spider plant. We will observe weather it grows over the next few weeks.

Road Safety Visit 

On Wednesday, Year 5 had a road safety visit from Essex Road Safety. Firstly, they had a session in the classroom where they had a presentation and watched a short film. Next, the children went outside in small groups to apply what they had learnt. They had to use their eyes, hands and ears to check it was safe before crossing the road. They learnt that it wasn't safe to cross between two cars and the most important thing for them to remember before crossing the road is 'stop look and listen'. Erin said "I really enjoyed today and it taught me lots of new things to keep me safe." Alfie mentioned that he "found it really useful."

(See more photos on the gallery)


Residential 2019

Wow, what a fabulous few days Year 5 and 6 had on their Norfolk Lakes residential. When we arrived, the sun was shining and we were quickly beginning our first activity of the trip. Overall, the children were able to take part in 9 activities and every single child took part in every one (read about each activity below). The children were well-fed with many choices and generous servings. All tastes and needs were fully catered for. The staff at the center had a lovely way with the children and nothing was too much trouble. The children had a lot of fun getting to know them all. Reggie said that the trip was 'amazing and adventurous' and Lilie explained that 'It was fun and I learnt new skills'. Irem said 'It was amazing and I’d like to come back and challenge myself even more' while Clara claimed that “It was amazing because we got to do things I’ve never done before.”

Raft building-

This superb teamwork and communication activity encouraged pupils to work together to build and paddle a raft. They worked as a team to design the raft, and build a model of it using equipment provided. Then build and paddle the raft they designed using barrels, spars and ropes.


Children learnt to safely climb the purpose built climbing walls. The sense of achievement when they reached the top is written all over their faces. The qualified instructors taught the children how to recognise and control risks prior to learning basic skills and techniques.

Low ropes-

A series of cabled and roped events such as Postman, Bosun's and Vine walks lead to the Wild Woozy. These tested the stamina, coordination and agility of the children.

Blind trail- children learnt the importance of human senses as they experience being blindfolded. They were asked to complete a range of tasks including an obstacle course and team games. It was an ideal activity for team building, developing their communication and listening skills.


The children learnt the basic rules and skills such as stance, lunge, parry and repost - all needed to take part in a duel with foils. The qualified instructors taught children how to recognise and control risks prior to learning basic skills and techniques.

Rifle shooting-

Canoeing- children were on the canoe in pairs and learnt how to paddle forwards, backwards and to turn in the water. They played games using the skills they had learnt including trying to get balls into the instructors canoes!


Children were individual kayaks where they learnt how to successfully paddle. Children were explained the risks associated in a water environment and shown how to manage them. The groups played team games in the kayaks using the skills they had learnt.


The artificial caving system comprised of over 240 square meters of tunnels with a small cavern with stalagmites and stalagtites. A realistic, safe introduction to caving. After a lesson on safety equipment, children got kitted up and explored this exciting environment.



Week Beginning 21/10/19

What a wonderful first half term we've had in Year 5! We've been developing our growth mindset and have had some fantastic learning across all subjects. This week, it was our final lesson on Forces in science. Previously, the children were given the task of designing an outfit to slow them down in a race and this week we created the outfits. Our results showed that our outfits did slow us down and caused more air resistance. In PSHE/Philosophy this week, the children had a brilliant discussion about 'perfection'. They discussed what it means to be perfect and provided their opinions for the question: does the perfect person exist? In English this week, the class created their own poems inspired by: The Magic Box by Kit Wright. They used poetic language including repetition, alliteration and personification. 

Week Beginning 14/10/19

In English this week,  Simmonds class have been learning the poem: The Magic Box by Kit Wright. They performed the poem with actions and analysed it's features. In science, the class learnt about water resistance. They were challenged to create 2 different shaopes with plastecine: one which would fall slowly through the water and one which would fall quick. In PE, the class learnt the first steps to safely perform a cartwheel and they also jumped off a bench in different ways. 

Week Beginning 7/10/19

Simmonds class have been doing some excellent mastery work in maths this week. We've been focusing on column addition and subtraction with 5 digit numbers and started by learning how to do this using concrete materials. We used counters to add 5 digit numbers together and physically moved the counters in order to understand the method. We then moved onto the pictorial method where we drew dots on a place value grid and finally we wrote the sums abstractly (in digits). In science, the class learnt about gravity, mass and weight. We found out that our mass would be the same if we went to the moon but our weight would change. The class wrote beautiful short stories about what a world would be like without gravity. 

See pictures of some of Year 5's fantastic work below.

Week Beginning 30/09/10

This has been another fantastic and busy week in Year 5. On Monday, KS1 and KS2 visited the Church for Harvest Festival. Together, Year 5 and 6 performed a French poem written by Mrs Boyce. They were fantastic with their expressions and actions. Well done to you all! On Thursday, a sports coach came to run an archery taster session. Each child learnt how to hold the bow and arrow correctly and performed wonderfully. The class, along with Y6, also took part in leadership training where they learnt what it takes to be a good leader. In History, the class learnt about Roman Gods and Goddesses. They used the information they learnt to make Top Trump cards. In ICT, the class learnt about various vocabulary which they will need for the upcoming coding unit. 

Week Beginning 23/09/19

We've had some more great learning in Year 5 this week. In Maths we have been focusing on numbers to 100,000. Children have represented numbers using a mastery approach. In PE we started gymnastics where the children learnt how to safely perform a forward roll, climb the apparatus and they also created their own fitness routine. On Friday, we had PE with a specialist sports coach who taught the class how to play tag rugby through various games and activities. 


Week Beginning 16/09/19

The first part of the week was very quiet in class with most children taking part in Bikeability. Well done to all of you for your hard work to achieve your certificates. In History, we have researched facts about the Romans, identified where they appear on a timeline and also recalled the spread of the Roman invasion. In Maths, we learnt about place value of numbers up to 10,000. Some children found rounding challenging so we will revisit next week. Please practise at home if you get a chance! In RE, the class got into groups and created a drama sequence for a story from the Bible. 

Week Beginning 09/09/19

This has been the first full week in Year 5 and the children have settled in brilliantly. We've spent a lot of time discussing growth mindset and how important it is to bounce back from mistakes. We discussed our hopes and dreams for the year and wrote them on balloons which have gone on display. We also created a compliment book which has a page for each child. The other children all wrote kind things on one another's pages and these can be added to throughout the year. If a child feels down one day, they can look at this to cheer them up. 

It has been Inspirational Maths Week so the children have been completing various teamwork and problem-solving activities. They have learnt that speed is not important in Maths and that it is better to be a deep-thinker. In Literacy, we focused on expanded noun phrases and the children had to describe characters in a Where's Wally photo. See one example below.