Welcome to Simmond's Class Blog. Be sure to visit every week to find out what exciting things we've been learning about.


Week Beginning 10/5/21

Lainey- Greetings parents and carers. I promise that this week, you will get all the information of what we have done in class. We do have some sad news though because 2 members of our class (who have been with us since Reception)are leaving soon- Harry C and Keira. We will miss them greatly. 

Brody- This week, we learnt about money and opened up our own shop. This was very fun. We used fake money to pay for books and other items.

Imogen- In English, we have continued with our suspense unit. We have innovated The Manor House into our own story following the same structure.

Isla- In Art (probably my best subject this week), we could create as many paint strips as we could. This is the beginning of our collage inspired by Lawren Harris.

Joe- We have been doing some epic things. In Bikeability, we learnt how to be safe on the road. We learnt that you always have to look before you set off on your wonderful journey; this is called a 'traffic look'.

Keira- I have loved this school so much since I've been here. I'm going to miss it a lot but I will come and visit. 

Week Beginning 4/5/21

Ella- Hello Panents and Carers. We have had another fun week and hope you enjoy looking at the work we've been doing.

Reece- In English this week, we have started to create and innovate our own suspense story inspired by The Manor House. 

Keira- In science, we planned an experiment where we need to collect data from children across the school. We are trying to find out the difference in development from Reception to Year 6 children. Some of us are measuring height, some are measuring arm length and others are measuring foot length. 

Tyler- In PE, we played a whole-class game of hockey. We also had a rotation of different hockey skills and games. 

Isaac- In Maths, we added fractions and in the end, we added 3 fractions. The first thing we needed to do was making the denominators the same so that we could see how big the fractions really were (this made it simpler).

Week Beginning 26/4/21

Miley- Hello Parents and Carers. This week has been fun (like always) and read what we've been doing below. 

Isla- In RE (Religious Education), we learnt about the Sikhism Holy Book called 'The Guru Granth Shahib'.

George- We did ICT with Mrs Renton where we made and played our own games. I made a hard game where someone is chasing you and you need to collect the coins. You also have 3 lives and once you lose those lives, you lose the game. 

Jasmin- We recapped French numbers (1-20). Un, deux, trois...

Albert- In English, we have been reading a story- The Manor House. We've been analysing the text and yesterday, we discussed the use of the verbs.

Tyler- In PE, instead of hockey, we had fitness. We designed 8 exercise circuits which we carried out together as a class. For example, plank, press ups and star jumps.

Week Beginning 19/4/21


Keira- This week in Art, we have been making a sky with different shades of blue (including navy) with oil pastels. We had to go over the page with white and then blended some blues with the whites. It was very messy and got all over our fingers! We were inspired by Lawren Harris.

Lainey- In Maths, we have been learning about mixed numbers. We converted improper fractions into mixed numbers, for example 8/4 = 2 wholes.

Miley P- In English, we punctuated speech using inverted commas. We converted iPhone text messages (based on stories we know) into direct speech.

Reece- In RE, we were discussing the guidance people follow in different religions. We then created our own proverbs and decorated them. My proverb was 'The ocean grows very deep but your dreams grow deeper'. Here are some more from our class (and on the photos)

Seb- If you believe, you can achieve anything

Lainey- You're perfect just the way you are. Don't let the dark defeat the light. Be you.

Bradley- There is always a chance to believe. 

Ella- Believe in yourself. Your confidence will grow like you. 

Luke- Life is like a cup of tea- it's all about how you make it.


Week Beginning 12/4/21

Archie- Hello parents and carers. We have learnt a lot in our first week back after Easter and I hope you like finding out about it.

Seb- On Tuesday we had science where we learnt about the stages of human development. We had order the human timeline and we learnt some new vocabulary- foetus and adolescence. 

Jasmin- In English we have been doing creative writing. One of the writes was about our character going through a portal into a new world. This reminded us of the book- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I found this fun and challenging at the same time. 

Isla- On Monday, we did some PSHE in the afternoon and we also discussed Prince Phillip and what he was remembered for. He was also known as the Duke of Edinburgh. As a school, we will be doing a Duke of Edinburgh award where we have 3 challenges to complete- volunteering, learn a new skill and physical. 

Bradley- In Art, we started to learn about the artist Lawren Harris. We also blended with oil pastels. We first used white and then blended it with another colour- I used blue, yellow and black. 

Tyler- This week in Maths we started learning about fractions. We used foam fractions and fraction walls to help us. 

Imogen- In ICT, we started a new unit- game creating. Each week, we will build on the game we did before.

Week Beginning 15/3/21

Joe- Hi all parents. We've been lots of fun learning this week and would like to share it with you all.

Albert- In Science, we helped Miss Cook by investigating which nappy was the most absorbent. We designed our own experiment and used different amounts of water to see which one would drip the most. For example, Nappy 2 didn't drip until 225ml. 

Lainey- This week in English, we have been reading and identifying features in a discussion text and soon we'll be writing our own. 

Reece- In Music, we played a song by Adele on the Glockenspiels using notes C and D. We played these notes the whole way through and sung the song. 

Keira- In PE, we played hockey and all played against each other in different teams. There was non-bibs, magical 5, yellow, red and blue. We used a wooden hockey stick and a ball.

Miley P- This week in Maths we did long multiplication. Some people were confident so helped others. I enjoyed helping others and teaching them how to do it. 

We also had a fantastic day for Comic Relief where groups performed comedy sketches to the class. Please see our class gallery for more information AND something really exciting!

First week in 2021! (8/3/21)

The class have returned to school after lockdown with a fantastic attitude. We have focused a lot on wellbeing this week- speaking about our feelings and how we can manage worries. 

In Maths, we begun to times and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000. We used a number of resources to help us including sliders and number walls. We also used a stem sentence to help us remember how do to this: When you multiply by 10, the digits move 1 place to the left. On Friday, we had PE with a fantastic sports coach. We learnt how to hold a hockey stick and even played team games. Well done to Chloe and Oscar who achieved players of the week!


Week Beginning 30/11/20

George- Hello, this week has been excellent. Our work has been stunning and we even shared it.  I'm really proud of my Maths because I'm getting better at multiplying and addition.

Bradley- In PE, we played dodgeball with a sports coach. We used these skills: catching, throwing and defending. I found it fun and challenging at the same time.

Tyler- In Science, we have been learning about asexual reproduction. This means the plant only has one parent. We took a cutting from a spider plant and planted these in our own pot of soil to see if they will grow. We are measuring ours every Monday and Thursday. I predict that our plant will grow taller.

Sonny- It was assessment week where we were assessed on our reading, Maths and grammar. I really enjoyed this as it was peaceful and we could take our time. I'm proud of myself as I tried hard and showed my working out.

Isaac- This week, we wrote a letter to our formal selves in English. It was about the events of 2020. I was proud of this because I put quite a lot of effort into it.

Albert- In ICT, we have been coding our own games where we had to get as many points as we could in 30 seconds while the animals we


Week Beginning 23/11/20

This week the class wrote beautiful setting descriptions about Camp Green Lake (from our class text, 'Holes'). They then went onto apply their skills to write a description for a new setting. See some beautiful examples below:

Week Beginning 20/11/20

Seb- Welcome to our class blog. This is what we have been learning about this week...

Lainey-For anti-bullying week, we made a kindness challenge with 20 things which we could do for others. For example, smile, compliment others and ask if they are okay. If we completed most of them, we could wear odd socks on Friday. 

Miley H- This week in PE we were practicing our football skills. We practiced passing and made up our own rules for small games. It was really fun!

George- In English, we have been reading a very interesting book names 'Holes' where there is an overweight boy named Stanley who was accused of committing a crime (stealing a famous baseball players shoes) and he got sent to Camp Green Lake. At Camp Green Lake, they have to dig big holes everyday. 

Luke- This week, we have been adding and subtracting. On Wednesday we had a small assessment. In my opinion, the hardest question was where you had to figure out the value of 2 shapes to help you figure out a sum. After this, we went over the answers.

Archie- In ICT, we programmed a football game where you had to try and get the football into the goal. The first step was to make the football move around. The last step was to add your own objects and make it your own.

Reece- In Geography we are learning about North and South America. On Wednesday, we had to label some of the countries and our challenge was to find the capitals. We used an atlas to help us locate these.

Week Beginning 9/11/20

Jasmin- In PE, we completed the tennis ball challenge. We threw a tennis ball against the wall to see how many we could catch with the other hand. Well done to Kyla and Reece for getting the highest scores! We were also learning football skills and this week learnt to dribble. We played a few games involving this skill.

Keira- This week in Maths, we have been rounding and estimating. We were given a set of questions and had to round to the nearest 100 or 1,000 and estimate the answer.

Seb- We sketched poppies on Monday. We practiced them first and designing the layout. They are now up on display in the library.

Bradley- In science we did an investigation about friction. We worked in groups to design our experiment with the sticky note chart. We used a Newton meter to measure the friction of the shoe on different surfaces.

George- On Wednesday, we had a WW1 workshop where we learnt a lot. It was very interesting and cool. Here are some facts we learnt:

Reece- pigeons delivered letters during WW1. One of these pigeons achieved a medal!

Teddy- the enemy noticed what the pigeons were doing and tried to shoot them down.

Lainey- Tanks were invented in WW1 and Germany found a way to disable them. 

Albert- Hospitals were in fields and rats were all around and could grow as big as a cat.

Paul- Because of this, they released lots of cats to kill the rats.

Tyler- Horses were used to move artillery guns.

Harry C- They had warships with guns that shoot 16 miles. Also, some of the horses and soldiers sunk in the mud.

Week Beginning 19/10/20

Teddy: Hello and welcome to Simmonds class blog. This week in science, we have been learning more about air resistance. We made spinners and we found out that gravity pulls it down, whilst the air resistance pushes the blades to make them spin. We also our own scientific question which we answered through an investigation.

Imogen: This term, we have been learning about the Romans in History. This week and last week, we researched facts about the Romans using books and the internet. This week, we have made a double page spread about our topic. We designed it previously in our sketch books and then created it in our topic books.

(see our gallery for some photos of our double-page spread!

Albert: In English, we have been making different sentence starters using ISPACE. For example, 'as quick as a flash, he sprinted out the house'.

Brody: In Maths, we have been subtracting 4 digit numbers with more than 1 exchange. For example, 3,711- 2,804.

Week Beginning 12/10/20

Archie: This week, we have done so many lessons but first I'm going to start with PE. In PE, we have been doing different activities, for example, star jumps and arch holds. We have been seeing how long we can hold a position in 1 minute and we will see if we can improve our scores next week.

Kyla: In English, we have been writing a poem inspired by 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. My poem was called 'The Magic Chest'. I think it turned out well.

Miley: Also, in Music we learnt sign language which was a little bit hard but it was fun. The song was 'Livin' on a Prayer'. We learnt to sign the 5 Ws too- what, where, who, which, what.

Joe: We have adding 5 digit numbers in Maths. I found it hard at the beginning but I got better with lots of practice.

Reece: In addition to what Joe sad, we have also been deepening our understanding in Maths by making number stories and making mistakes to see if our partner could spot them. 

Week Beginning 5/10/20

The children in Year 5 are going to tell you what we have been learning this week:

Jordi: Hello and thank you for visiting the Year 5 blog. On Friday we did archery with a sports specialist. I found it very exciting.

Chloe: In Year 5 this week, we learnt about powers of 10 in Maths so an example is 2,360, 2,370, 2,380, 2,890

Harry: We did some science where we learnt about streamlined and non-streamlined shapes. A streamlined shape has a curved back, smooth body and a point at the front. A non-streamlined shape might have a bumpy body, no point and no curved back.

Lainey: This week year 5 have been very busy. In French we have been learning to say places you can find in your town. An example is le parc, la boulangerie

Ella: Year 5 did dance with Mrs Blake. We learnt previously about Pompeii and now we are learning how to act out festivals in Roman times.

Honey: Also, we learnt more about 'The Magic Box'. We started to make our own poem. We have to be very creative as it can be something that's not real. We all used personification and wrote alliterative pieces. 



Week Beginning 28/9/20

The weather may have been dreary but we have had a fantastic week in Year 5. In English, the class learnt and performed the poem 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright from start to finish. They did this before even seeing the words! Instead they followed a story map. See photos below of them practicing in groups. Can your child teach you all the actions at home?

In French, we revised the places you might find in a town and in RE, the class wrote about Moses and the Burning Bush. The children produced some excellent writing in this lesson.

We have been having more discussions about friendship and here is what a couple of children have to say:

Isaac- We made a 'what makes a good friend' poster which is at the back of the class so we can think about it whenever we come into our classroom from break  or lunch. The compliment book is another example. I loved doing this! Basically, each page has someone's name on it. We walked around the classroom writing compliments on each other's pages.
Reece- In friendship, we have made a 'best friend' poster to encourage everyone of us to be as friendly as possible. We have created and put together a compliment book where people can write nice things about you. This was my personal favourite. Surprisingly, we have also been learning about friendship in guided reading as we were reading 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'.
'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' also reminded us that we need to be kind to ourselves as well as others so the children made a list of what they can do to be kind to themselves including, going for a walk.

Week Beginning 21/9/20

It has been another great week of learning in Year 5! In English, we used our previous research to write a biography about Ellie Simmonds. We took our time writing in order to do our best and spent one lesson on the introduction etc. The children used fantastic vocabulary in their writing including 2 new words we learnt this week: 'fanatical' and embarked'. Below are some examples of children's writing in the class. We also had a lesson on editing our work. 

For Maths, the children have been further deepening their understanding about rounding as this is something that the class find challenging as a whole. If you get a chance to practise at home, this would be a great help. It's also important to regularly ask your child what the time is from an analogue clock. 

In Science, the class learnt the difference between mass and weight. Can they explain to you what the difference is? In the lesson, they measured various objects with a Newton meter and set of scales. 

Mrs Blake was very impressed with the childrens' dance this week. They had to create freeze-frames to represent the Colosseum and Pompeii. For example, they acted out gladiators and also the volcano erupting  


First 2 Weeks Back in School

Year 5 have made a fantastic return to school. They have all shown enthusiasm and are excited to be back in school. For the first few days, we focused on wellbeing including emotions and growth mindset. We also created our hopes and dreams for the year which we used to make our class rules- steps to success. 

In Art, the class absolutely loved creating designs using wax resistant. They drew a pattern with crayon and were amazed with what happened when they painted over it with water colours. 

In Maths, the class have been recapping and learning new information about numbers and place value. We've had many practical activities to help with their understanding as well as written work, both of which the class have responded well too. 

The class have started their Romans in History. So far, they've learnt about life in the Roman army and Boudicca's rebellion which they acted out (as shown in photo).

Keep up the fantastic effort Year 5!

Challenge: Practise the tennis ball challenge at home (use one hand to throw the ball on a wall and catch the ball in the other hand.