Welcome to Year 1's blog page, this is the page that you can visit to keep updated on the children's learning. Make sure you come back each week to see the learning opportunities that the children have been taking part in. 

Welcome back year 1! 

What a busy week we have had this week. In Literacy this week we have been looking at the book 'The World's Worst Children' written by David Walliams. Each day the children have focused on a different character in the book. Throughout the week we have looked at adjectives to write character descriptions and reviewed a chapter. The children have really enjoyed this book so far. 

In maths this week we have been looking at place value up to 50. We started the week by counting forwards and backwards from a given number and then furthered our learning on to understanding tens and ones. 

In phonics this week we have been looking at the split digraph u-e which makes the oo sound (flute) and the 'yoo' sound (cube). The children looked at saying this sound in real and alien words, reading a passage with words which contain this sound in and complete a phoneme spotter. The children then applied this sound in writing words. 


Keep up the brilliant attitudes towards your learning Year 1! 

Miss Cook